April 5-6, 2005, Paris, France (Paris-Expo, Porte de Versailles)

Within the framework of RTS' 2005, trade show for real-time and embedded systems (http://www.birp.com/rts). Sponsored by the Research Group on Architecture, Networks, Systems, and Parallel computing of CNRS.

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Call For Papers in French (pdf format - ascii text) or in English (pdf format - ascii text)

Submission deadline was November 1st, 2004



The purpose of the conference is to share ideas, experiences and information among academic researchers, developers, and service providers in the field of REAL-TIME and EMBEDDED SYSTEMS. The program committee is soliciting papers describing original work related to real-time computing. This call is particularly aimed at applications, experimental or commercial systems, new problems including real-time constraints, emergent solutions, parallel or distributed architectures, theoretical foundations and methodologies of construction and validation taking into account timing constraints. Thus all proposals relating to real-time in the following topics will be examined:

• real-time networks and distributed systems,
• specification, modeling, validation, verification of real-time
applications and systems:
• design methods and languages, development environments,
• task scheduling and allocation, message scheduling,
• performance evaluation, benchmarking,
• middleware, real-time operating systems,
• fault tolerant real-time systems,
• software engineering for real-time systems, real-time components,
worst-case execution time,
• energy-aware design.

However the program committee would like to put a particular emphasis on the following fields of applications:
• embedded applications in transportation systems: automotive, avionic and railway fields,
• control systems: implementation, performance, dependability.


Conference languages are French and English. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit a pdf or postscript version of the full paper written in French or English by e-mail to rts05@loria.fr .

Submissions should be formatted as follows: first page: title, author name(s), mailing and e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers, an abstract (no longer than ten lines), and a set of keywords. Please identify one author for correspondence. Second and subsequent pages: paper manuscript limited to 6000 words (in a font no smaller than 11-point). Each accepted paper will have 30 minutes for presentation and discussion. The papers will be published in the RTS' 2005 proceedings and selected papers will be invited for submission to a journal for a special issue. The attendance of the conference will select one winner for the Best Paper Award.


Deadline for paper submission (extended): November 1st, 2004 (an acknowledgment will be sent)
Notification of acceptance: December 22nd, 2004
Camera ready papers due: February 7th, 2005


Nicolas Navet (LORIA, Nancy, France)


L. Almeida (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
J.-C. Grégoire (INRS Telecom, Montréal, Canada) P. Richard (LISI, ENSMA, Poitiers, France)
Ch. André (I3S, Sophia Antipolis, France)
G. Juanole (LAAS, Toulouse, France) E. Rutten (INRIA-Rhones-Alpes, France)
F. Cottet (LISI, ENSMA, Poitiers, France)
F. Lepage (CRAN, UHP Nancy, France)
M. Silly-Chetto (IRIN, Nantes, France)
P. Dallemagne (CSEM, Neuchâtel, Suisse)
Z. Mammeri (IRIT, UPS Toulouse, France)
F. Simonot-Lion (LORIA-INPL, Nancy, France)
J.-D. Decotignie (CSEM, Neuchâtel, Suisse)
P. Minet (INRIA-Rocquencourt, France)
Y. Sorel (INRIA-Rocquencourt, France)
J.A. de la Puente (DIT, Madrid, Espagne)
G. Motet (LESIA-INSA, Toulouse, France)
J. Szymanski (ALSTOM, Meudon-la-forêt, France)
J. Delacroix (CEDRIC, CNAM Paris, France)
E. Najm (ENST, Paris, France)
J.-P. Thomesse (LORIA-ENSEM, Nancy, France)
A.-M. Déplanche (IRCCyN, Nantes, France)
L. Pautet (ENST, Paris, France)
Y. Trinquet (IRCCyN, Nantes, France)
J.A. Fonseca (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
I. Puaut (IRISA-Rennes I, Rennes, France)
F. Vasques (University of Porto, Portugal)
J. Goossens (ULB, Bruxelles, Belgique)
J. Raymond (PSA, France)
K. Winkelmann (Infineon AG, Munich, Allemagne)

For further information, please contact the program chair: e-mail: nicolas.navet@loria.fr, tel: +33 (0)

Last update: 20/12/2004